MCSD Qualification


What is MCSD

MCSD stands for Microsoft Certified Solution Developer. To achieve this certification you need to train for and then take 5 exams (of which you need to pass them all).

Having the qualification shows prospective employers that you are knowledgeable about .Net development. I do not believe that this will automatically get you a job but will certainly weigh in you favour.

But this is a Delphi site

As you will have noticed, the MCSD is a Microsoft qualification, so why is this on a site about Borland Delphi. I know numerous Delphi developers that are expanding their skill set to include .NET. Delphi is a great tool for many jobs but it does not have the market share that Microsoft development products command. Try comparing a search of Delphi to .Net on any job site and see what results you get.

The way I see it, to protect my future I need to be able to use what ever tool the job requires. Presently in my day job I use C++ Builder, C# and then Delphi.

Update 2005-05-12

Well the getting the company to pay for it fell by the way side. I am now involved with a lot of other web projects and do find it difficult to commit as much time to Delphi Central as I'd like. Though I did start a Programming Blog where I do try to post about all Delphi Central developments.



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