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This tutorial is intended to show how to build a complete application with Delphi. I have chosen to do an icon Extractor and Viewer as it is simple to do whilst demonstrating the power of Delphi. What you should have at the end of this tutorial is:

Step 1 - The Interface

As this is a relatively simple application, the interface will be done by placing the components straight onto the form. These can then be moved about until the look and feel are right. Keep all the component names as the defaults that Delphi provides and that way they will be easier for me to reference them later (when writing your own applications it is advisable to change the names to something easier to remember, and relevant to what they do e.g. Button1 could be called SaveButton)


Step 2 - The Actual Code


I hope this sample application shows how easy it is to write an application, that is actually useful and not just of the HelloWorld gender. Ideas on ways to expand it include: a copy to clipboard facility, save to different file formats, etc.

If you would like to download the source code for this demo application then please click here.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Joe Hall, this is for providing feedback on this tutorial, pointing out certain errors and also that it was not complete at one time. Thanks again.

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