Delphi Hot Key Component


The Delphi Hot Key Component allows you to easily create a system wide hotkey. The way this works is that your program will received an event whenever the specified hotkey is pressed regardless of which application has focus.

The component is very easy to use and has the following published interface

    { Published declarations }
    property Enabled: Boolean read FEnabled write SetEnabled default true;
    property Key: TShortcut read FHotkey write FHotkey;
    property OnHotKey: TNotifyEvent read FOnHotKeyPressed write FOnHotKeyPressed;

This component includes full source code in both Delphi (object pascal) and their is also a C++ Builder version, you can use the Delphi version in C++ Builder but we have also included the C++ code for educational reasons.

You can download both versions and a demo application here

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