File Notification Component

  Name     : TfisFileNotification
  Files    : TfisFileNotification.cpp, TfisFileNotification.h,
  Purpose  : Directory Content Change Notification
  Status   : Freeware
  Version  : 1.00, 16 April 2000
  Copyright: Delphi Central
  Contact  :

This component creates a thread and uses it to monitor the contents of a directory
or directory tree. Many different file changes can be monitored such as file size,
last write, creation & deletion etc.

It's very useful for updating a directory view or monitoring a particular file
for changes.

To use it simply set-up the 'Directory' and the 'Notification' flags of the component
and then write your event handler. Use the 'Start' and 'Stop' methods to control the
directory monitoring.

Source Code

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