Delphi Components


Delphi components are one of the reasons that Delphi is such a popular programming environment. Using components is really easy and they are a great way of reusing you own code and that of third parties. Delphi components are also compatible with C++ Builder but not the other way round.

A software company that I used to associated with (First Internet Software House) has kindly allowed me to republish all of their Delphi and C++ Builder components, most come with full Delphi source code and some also contain the equivalent code in C++ for learning purposes. They have only been tried and tested using Delphi 5 but as each component includes full source code they shouldn't be too difficult to get working with Delphi 7 or later versions.

There will be about 6 components in total (all with source code), so to get started here goes

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