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Why did you start Delphi Central

Whilst learning about Delphi the Internet was my main source of information, by means of the Newsgroups and looking at the source code of other peoples components and applications. There are a lot of sites out there providing collections of components and sample code, but very few of these actually provide tutorials or articles. The main purpose of the site is to provide code with a meaningful explanation of how it works.

If I write an article will you publish it?

YES We are always looking for new articles, so if you've written something that you believe is useful to the Delphi community then please submit it (see the Submissions page to find out how). If you are interested in requesting an article, component or whatever (Delphi related of course) then please see the Request Something Page or if you are looking for something to do go to the Requests Outstanding Page.

Why did you change the layout of my article?

As we host articles by different people with different styles we do change them to a more uniform layout (i.e. fonts, spacing, color, etc.) so when a reader flicks between articles they look like they came from the same site. With a magazine you would expect all pages to have a similar layout. (No we do not publish a magazine as well, yet?)

What do I get from writing an article?

At present all articles are credited to the author (unless they were written by a member of the Delphi Central team) so you will receive recognition. You will also (hopefully) feel better about yourself for sharing your knowledge with others in the Delphi community.

Is Delphi Central run by Borland?

No, Delphi Central is run by an independent group of developers, and is not officially affiliated with Borland in any way.

Why are there adverts on some pages?

As we are providing a free and hopefully useful service to our readers, we have to fund it by means of advertisements. The alternative to this would be to provide this service on a subscription basis, which we are sure would not be appreciated or successful We try when possible to only show adverts that we believe will be of interest to the Delphi community.

How regularly do you update the site?

In the past the site has been neglected but now it is updated as often as new content is written or received. We are also in the process of making the site more dynamic so updates will begin to happen in real time.

I requested an article but have not seen it yet?

We do not guarantee to write all requested articles as this would obviously be far too time consuming, but any request that we do not write are put on the Requests Outstanding page to give other readers the chance to write if they have the knowledge and are are willing.

What do you use to write Delphi Central?

In the past the site was created using Homesite, notepad and our own custom application using Delphi. We have moved along with the web and the site is generated dynamically using a combination of Macromedia Dreamweaver and Visual Studio .NET.

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