Optimisation Hint - Use PolyLine


Use PolyLine rather than MoveTo and LineTo

Each call to MoveTo or LineTo results in a GDI system call - a relatively expensive operation. Preparing all the drawing instructions in advance and making a single call to a higher-level drawing function is almost always more efficient.

For example replacing the first block of code below with the second will produce the same results but take an order of magnitude less time to execute:

Slow with MoveTo and LineTo

   MoveTo( 0, F(0) );
   for i:= 1 to 100 do
      LineTo( i, F(i) );

Fast way using PolyLine

var TPA: array of TPoint;
   SetLength( TPA, 101 );

   for i := 0 to 100 do
      with TPA[i] do
         X := i;
         Y := F(i);

   Polyline( TPA );
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